St Nectaire


St Nectaire has been produced in the region of Monts-Dore in northern Auvergne for centuries. Monts-Dore are volcanic mountains known for it's cow grazing homestead of meadows loaded with phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. These minerals are found in high concentration in the milk of the Salers cow breed that is used to make #stnectaire. This results in a cheese that is rich and creamy in texture and complex on the palate. It melts in your mouth with nutty, briney and mushrooms flavors as well as a slight acidity and spice that complete a complex and richly flavored cheese. The brine, salt and acidity are unique mineral flavors found in this cheese that are a direct result of the volcanic pastures the cows feed on.

#stnectaire goes extremely well with raw vegetables, olives, bread, salami. It also melts beautifully so it is a great cheese for cooking so melt it over roasted potatoes, grilled flat bread with kalamata olives. Add to fondue, quiche and a cheeseboard.  Serve with a red from the Cote du Rhone.

St. Nectaire has an unmistakable smell of dark, damp cellar and rye straw on which it is stored during the ripening process. This "funky" smell is part of it's complex character. Do not turn away!! What lies inside is a mouthful of deliciousness. Enjoy!!

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